Why Is My Frigidaire Microwave Not Turning On? Explained

The Frigidaire microwave is one of the most popular brands of microwave appliances. Nevertheless, just like any other brand, wear and tear also affects it. Lately, a lot of people have been complaining about their Frigidaire microwaves specifically due to the “Frigidaire microwave not turning on” problem.

Consequently, it would be good for you to have a troubleshooting manual for your Frigidaire microwave. But you will also agree that the handbook is too bulky. That is why I have prepared this guide that highlights the major problems of the Frigidaire microwave oven.

To some extent, you should attempt troubleshooting in order to resolve the basic issues. However, if it still doesn’t work after all of your troubleshooting attempts. It may need repairs that are not covered by basic troubleshooting. In that case, you should take your microwave to an authorized Frigidaire service center.

In this article, I will cover the reasons why your Frigidaire microwave is not working along with some basic and advanced solutions.

Possible Reasons for Frigidaire Microwave Not Turning On

Loose Connection

This seems obvious but most of the time the reason for this issue is a “loose connection”. So you should make sure that your microwave is properly plugged in. 

Moreover, You should also unplug the microwave, wait for 10-15 seconds, and plug it again. After that, check if your Frigidaire microwave is turned on or not. If not, you should continue with the next steps.

Door Lock Issue

When the door to a microwave oven is opened, a safety feature prevents it from operating. This saves you from being burned. So, you should check the door lock if it is working properly or not. Because, if your door lock is faulty, you will not be able to turn on your microwave (or you can say that it will not heat your food).

Check Turntable Motor & Tray

There could be a problem with the turntable motor, control panel, roller guide, tray-drive coupling, or it could be turned off or blocked. So, you should turn on the turntable and properly clean around it, and you may also replace any broken turntable motor, tray-drive coupling, roller guide, or control panel.

Check Turntable Motor & Tray frigidaire microwave not turning on

Defective Control Board

If none of the above has caused the malfunction of the microwave to stop working, you may have a faulty main control board. Testing control boards on your own can be challenging, but they can be checked for rusting and loose wires. You should probably get in touch with a qualified expert and replace the control board if you think it’s the source of the problem.

Burned Magnetron

It can also be a problem with the “magnetron”. The magnetron generates the energy that cooks the food, but it is not without its own issues. If the Magnetron has burned out, you must replace it, but proceed with caution. There is a lethal gas inside the ceramic insulators, and contacting a voltage capacitor could result in a lethal electrical discharge.

Contact Frigidaire Service Centre

If your Frigidaire microwave not turning on, check the connection, door lock, and control board first. If you are unable to turn it on by hard reset (unplugging and plugging it again), or if you are unable to identify the problem, you should take your microwave to an authorized service center to be repaired by professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Frigidaire microwave not turning on?

If your Frigidaire microwave is not turning on, you should first check if your microwave is properly connected to the power outlet. After that, you should check that your microwave’s door is not faulty.

Why is my Frigidaire microwave not working?

If your Frigidaire microwave is on but not working, there may be a problem with its door. So you should examine the door latch to see if anything is preventing it from locking firmly.

Why does my Frigidaire microwave have no light?

It seems like your microwave’s bulb has burned out. However, nothing to worry about because if there is no light (or bulb), it will not affect the performance of the microwave.

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