Are Element TVs Good? Explained With Reasons!

When it comes to television, the market is flooded with competitors. Competition from established brands like Sony, LG, Samsung, etc., makes it difficult for newcomers to carve out a significant market share. On the other hand, Element TVs are the most affordable option available for buyers and this brand gained immense popularity in a very short period. However, despite being so low-cost and packed with cutting-edge technology, are Element TVs good?

The first Element televisions were made in China and exported to the United States. After some time, they decided to manufacture them in the US. Elements Television is dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality television. This has been the mission of the brand since its creation in 2007, and it is likely the key factor contributing to the brand’s success in so many different consumer segments.

Where Are The Element TVs Made?

Originally introduced in 2007, Element Televisions were originally produced in China before being exported to the United States and its immediate neighbors. Yet, the retail price reflected the high cost of import duties, logistics, and distribution.

To bring down costs, Element Electronics established its first assembly unit in Winnsboro, South Carolina. At the moment, every Element TV is put together in the United States of America; however, the components are still imported from China.

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Is Element a reputable TV brand?

If you are shopping on a budget, the Element brand of televisions is a solid option. It runs on the Roku platform, has a high-quality sound system, and has a wealth of functionality. However, the drawback is that these products typically wear out more quickly than those from other manufacturers. Here are some of the pros and cons of the Element TV brand so you can make an informed decision.


  • The Element Televisions offer great value for the money and are relatively affordable.
  • They are compatible with Roku TVs.
  • If you want to use your smartphone instead of the remote to operate your Element TV, you can do so with the help of the Element Smartphone App.
  • TVs from Element include built-in wifi connectivity.


  • Bluetooth is not enabled in Element Televisions.
  • They only have a few HDMI connector ports.
  • There are complaints about unhelpful customer assistance.
  • It deteriorates more quickly than other brands like Sony, LG, etc.

How Many Years Does an Element TV Last?

The length of time spent using Element TV each day, as well as the kind of use, such as gaming versus routine work, can significantly impact the product’s lifespan. A typical person watches television for four to eight hours each day; the lifespan of an Element TV can range anywhere from four to ten years.

For those who like to relax with a few hours of TV each day, an Element TV is a great choice. Considering their low costs, you shouldn’t expect Element Televisions to have the same level of quality as more expensive brands. It serves its intended goal, though, which is to offer a satisfying viewing experience for a reasonable price.

How Many Years Does an Element TV Last

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Does Gaming Work Well on Element TVs?

Although they are affordable, Element TVs could be better for video gaming. They are limited to more relaxed gameplay options. Regrettably, Element Televisions are not suggested for first-person shooter gameplay. That’s why I would suggest spending your gaming budget on a higher-end television from a well-known manufacturer.

Why are Element Televisions Usually Affordable?

In contrast to competing brands, Element TVs typically lack premium functions. They don’t offer a wide variety of options or really useful features. The fact that their components are manufactured in China contributes to a reduction in the overall cost of producing their TV.

Secondly, the screen of Element TVs is constructed with LED panels, which are more cost-effective to manufacture than OLED and QLED panels, which are utilized by larger manufacturers such as Samsung and LG. 

In addition to this, they are a relatively young brand, and in comparison to the other major brands, they do not yet have a name for their brand that is well-known and generally recognized in the marketplace.

Final Thoughts

If you want to know about the most common question among TV consumers in the USA “Are Element TVs any Good?”, I hope you have found the answer to that. In a nutshell, we can say that Element televisions are ideal for anyone seeking a high-quality television at a reasonable price. The Element is ideal for anyone who is a student or does not have enough money to purchase a high-end TV. But, if you want to use this TV primarily for entertainment, you might want to think about another brand because Element’s reliability doesn’t get as much praise for its durability as it does for its pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Element TVs truly worth the money?

The prices listed for Element televisions are extremely accurate. They provide desirable specifications within the scope of a significantly reduced price range.

Is Onn TV manufactured by Element Electronics as well?

No, Durabrand, the company that makes Onn TVs, is owned by Walmart; however, Element Electronics handles all of its warranty repairs.

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