How to Fix JVC TV Remote Not Working?

JVC TV remote not working? There are several causes for this problem. But before anything else, make sure your TV remote is clean and that the batteries are in good condition.

There can also be an issue with your TV, which is causing a problem with your TV remote. Sometimes users experience their remote lighting but not working on JVC TV.

So, if you are also curious about the source of the problem and want to know the causes and solutions of this issue, I will explain everything in this article.

Why is My JVC TV Remote Not Working?

Here are the following possible reasons why your JVC TV remote is not working properly.

  • Batteries need replacement.
  • The remote is not paired with the TV.
  • The TV is not connected properly to the power outlet.
  • Damaged HDMI cables or not connected correctly.
  • Standby mode enabled.

How to Fix JVC TV Remote Won’t Turn On?

First of all, make sure that your TV remote batteries are in good condition and are properly installed. You should also clean your TV remote to remove any dust because it can also be the reason for this issue in some cases.

Replace TV Remote Batteries

You should carefully check your TV remote batteries to see if they are running low or dead. In most cases, dead batteries are the main cause of why your remote stops working anymore. 

If your remote batteries are dying or dead, you should replace them as soon as possible and check if changing the batteries resolves the problem.

Pair Your TV Remote

After checking the batteries, you should ensure that your JVC TV is paired with your TV remote. JVC TV remote can be paired to the TV via Bluetooth connection. 

To make sure that you are connected, press the Alexa button on the remote control and see what happens to the LED light.

  • If it blinks orange, it means your TV remote is trying to pair with a JVC television.
  • If it flashes a blue light, it means your TV remote is already connected. However, if it does not function on the TV, it has been connected to a different TV.
  • If you see a red light blinking, it means your TV remote batteries are dying and need replacement.
  • If there is no light, it means your TV remote batteries are not working, or your remote is connected to another TV.

Check Your TV Connection

You should ensure that your TV is properly connected to a power outlet. Many times, these types of JVC Roku TV problems are solved just by changing the power outlet. You should also ensure the adapter is not loosely hanging from the outlet. Additionally, confirm that all other cable connections, including HDMI cables, are placed correctly.

Reset Your JVC TV

Resetting your JVC TV will eliminate any issues related to cache and memory. It will also fix any other problems with your TV, such as JVC TV not turning on. If you don’t want to lose your personal settings, you should go for a power reset option instead of performing a factory reset.

Follow the simple steps given below to reset your JVC TV:

  • Switch off your TV and unplug it from the wall socket.
  • Press and hold the power button (located on your TV) for 15 seconds.
  • Generally, TVs can store charge for up to 2 minutes, so you should wait at least that long.
  • After two minutes, plug in your TV back, turn it on, and if you are able to see a red light then it means your issue has been resolved.

Check & Replace HDMI Cables

In many cases, wrongly attached or faulty HDMI cables are the source of this issue. So, it is necessary to remove HDMI cables, clean contacts from both sides (TV & cable), and check if they are in good condition.

If they are in good condition, attach them to their slots properly and turn on your TV. However, if they look faulty, old, or damaged, change them to avoid any further issues with your TV.

Check TV Software

Make sure that you are using up-to-date TV software because outdated software can cause various problems related to TV remote control. You can use a universal remote or TV buttons to update your TV software.

Several TVs also have a tiny controller on the backside, which can also be used as a remote. You can also use that and update the software of your JVC TV.

Contact Customer Support

If the issue still persists, it means there is a serious problem with your TV remote or other hardware. In this case, you should contact the JVC customer support team. 

They will help you and solve the issue you are having. You can also call them at their official phone number, 1-800-252-5722, for detailed personalized assistance.

Wrap Up

If your JVC TV remote is not working, you should replace your TV remote batteries, update your TV software, Replace HDMI cables, and power reset your TV to fix it. Moreover, you should also make sure that your TV is properly connected to the wall socket and paired with your JVC TV remote.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Pair JVC Remote Properly?

Step 1: Go to Settings and choose the Remote option.
Step 2: Then select Bluetooth and go to “Voice Remote with Alexa”.
Step 3: Now, add a new remote by selecting the option and follow on-screen instructions.

Why is my remote lighting but not working on JVC TV?

There can be several reasons, including dead batteries, pairing failure, or problems related to the TV remote sensor.

Why is my JVC TV remote not working with new batteries?

If your remote control battery terminals are unclean, your remote will not work even with new batteries. So, you should clean them carefully with a soft cloth or cotton bud and place batteries inside your TV remote. 

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